Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Hooligan

so, you ask, why all the angst over one speed? well, I'll tell you. This year I plan to undertake not only my first full season of racing, but also my first full season riding a singe speed bike (if you discount all those years when I was a little tike one my bmx'er..) So I guess I'm just trying to get pumped for the pain to come...

Here is the fruit of my labor over the past month or so...

The frame is a Soul Cycles Hooligan 19" single speed frame with an eccentric bottom bracket allowing for different gearings. It is aluminum, and fully rigid.

This will be my first bike with disk brakes as well. I took the opportunity to put on some nice shiney red rims w/o that stupid silver machined sidewall. I like'em.. I built the wheels myself. so far with about 20 miles on they've held up.. I have yet to put them back into the truing stand, so we'll see..

The rest of the bike is nothing special. I'm hoping to get my hands on a red Chris King headset one of these days..

right now on the road I'm running a 42x17 (65 gear inch) ratio. I'll start the season on the trail at 34X15 (52gi) and work my way up. I dont' think it will take long before I can race 55gi around most of the trails in SE michigan. (famous last words)

so, there she is.. try not to drool on'er




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