Thursday, February 23, 2006

eating is hard

the biggest challenge i'm going to have to overcome this season if i really want to get fast is learning how to eat. and no, i don't mean learning where the food goes in..

i seem to be stuck in a cycle of malnurishment, then over eating to compensate. one ride i bonk cuz i didn't eat well and so the next ride i eat more thinking that will do the trick.

i've never been able to train consistantly, and that seriously hampers my ability to produce good results on demand.

so i'm making an effort to learn more about food, what it does for your body, what's best for max effort and endurence, and what types of special considerations i need to make for my specific physiology. needless to say it's a slow process (i'm not very smart). i need a book to read. as much time as i spend on the internet, i'm not very good at using it as a research tool (unless i want to buy something =S ).

or i could keep stumbling in the dark.


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