Tuesday, October 30, 2007


What is going on???

Tonight was an awesome night for a ride. Temps in the 60s, not too windy, dry and clear. IN CHICAGO JUST 2 DAYS FROM NOVEMBER!!! What is wrong with this picture?

It looks like by moving the Iceman back a week, all the organizers have done is give us another week of late summer-like riding to prep for yet another balmy and dry race.

I'm trying to keep my riding up, as I need to figure out this problem I'm having with dead legs on race day. I've got another 'cross race this weekend, and I'd like to actually race with good legs one of these days. I'm sure my problem in my last race was the 50+ miles I rode the day before. But I didn't really have any legs for the first race of the season either. This week I'm going to try racing the Masters at 10am and then the Cat 4 race at 2. We'll see what that does to me...

Picked up a couple wheels from Andy, so I now have 5 bikes and 5 sets of wheels! it's Miracle!! I can't wait to get the Loki back together. Gold frame and gold rims.. HOT!! Plus I need my Ray's bike in tip top shape for the winter!



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