Saturday, October 20, 2007

Proof that God loves us....

Gorgeous days like today!!

Went for a 50 miler on the inaugural Spider Monkey club ride. Some members of the Higher Gear club/team? are puttin' together a new club. They're riding saturdays at 8am from Roscoe Village Bikes.

It was a nice 20mph pace most of the day. Good to spin the legs before the Carpenterville race tomorrow. Looking forward to a good showing in the 4a's.. I'm hopeing to have a little more in the legs and less on the stomache for tomorrow's race. And with the 4's being split into a's and b's, I won't have to fight through the hordes for the first lap. Gonna try to go out hard and work my way through the top 10. But we'll see.

Hope y'all enjoyed the day in one way or 'nuther!




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