Monday, March 13, 2006

Gone Riding

Well, my small, yet loyal band of readers. You may have been wondering where I went. Wait, no. You weren't wondering, because you were probably out riding with me!

And here we are!

Saturday. An amazing March day for a ride. Short sleeves and thin gloves. Man did my legs get toasted. I had my peanutbutter and honey pancake for breakfast, and nibbled on a clif bar leading up to the ride. I also had another clif bar during the ride, and a Vanilla Hammer Gel. I don't think I bonked, but by about mile 30, going uphill into the wind, my legs were shot. I may have gone too hard at the beginning of the ride. I was feeling pretty good, and probably a little cocky. Live and learn. And boy did I cramp something feirce on this ride. My calf was locked up 12 miles into the day, and both hamstrings locked up with 1/2 a mile to go. I have to work more potassium into my diet!

Sunday was another beautiful day. A much easier ride, but still had it's moments. For breakfast I had 2 eggs, only one yolk, and toast with honey. This always seems to work better for me. Perhaps becuase of the reduced protien? My stomach doesn't feel overly full, yet I seem to have energy for a longer duration. I'll have to try this again before a long, tough ride.

Today was a rest day. Spent the day cleaning and re-organizing the garage. Added some pegboard and shelves for better storage. Tomorrow I will tackle the holes in the fence that Nero likes to exploit so he can go visit his ladies. Boy, he's not gonna be happy with me!

Whew.. that was one long lame post. That's what happens when I don't keep up day to day. But that's what happens when I take time off from work, I don't waste time in front of the computer!

Go ride!



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