Monday, March 06, 2006

they did

to help supplement my biking habit, i have a side job as a wedding photographer. i could go on and on about the weirdness that is continuously being an observer to others "happiest day of their lives", but i'll leave that to later.

i assist another photographer, Thomas Slack. when i started this gig, he lived in ann arbor, mi. now he lives in chicago, il.. we were friends all through college, and in an effort to keep that friendship alive, i decided it was worth it to keep shooting with him. so that means about one weekend a month i travel to chicago to shoot a wedding. i used to drive every time. this year, i'm experimenting with flying. the rates online are about as low as gas money, and it saves wear and tear on my car, and about 2 hours of travel time one way.

my first attempt at flying didn't go so well. when i got to the airport, they explained that my plane was still in florida, and probably would be for a long time, would i prefer to fly to st. louis and catch a connecting flight, putting me in chicago at 9:45 (original arrival time was supposed to be 9:30). long story short, we didn't make it to st. louis in time to catch the first connecting flight, i spent 2 hours in a deserted airport, and arrived in chicago a little after midnight. not fun.

this weekend, everything went smoothly, and i think proved that flying will definitely be the way to go from here on out.

what i didn't get to do this weekend is ride my bike. it's been a week now. i'll probably spin tomorrow at cycletherapy, and the weather is supposed to be good this weekend, so i'm gonna try to get some miles in!

is it really monday again? did i really come back to work? what's wrong with this picture?