Wednesday, March 08, 2006

you spin me right round...

last night was another night of spinning at Cycletherapy. we watched one of those "Spinerval" videos. it was a pretty good workout. they had us do 3 reps of lunges in between to sets of 5 standing reps on the bike. talk about feeling the burn!

I made sure to hydrate with a 50% gatorade mix before hand and during, and felt pretty good after the spin. I actually had trouble sleeping last night cuz I was still pretty wired from the workout. i expected more soreness today, but other than some muscle fatigue, i'm feeling pretty good.

I had chicken and rice for dinner when I got home, as well as some peanuts immediately after the workout. now if i can just the same results from a multi-hour bike ride, i'll be all set!


Blogger inasnit said...

ya know.. people always talk about not being able to sleep because they're so wired from their workout ... for me, its the opposite, completely ..

we did a 90 minute spinerval last night, and i practically fell asleep in my spaghetti afterward ... heh ..

8/3/06 9:05 AM  

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