Friday, April 07, 2006

Great ride

Got to get out and enjoy the nice, mid 50's temps we had last night. Thursday's, 6pm has been designated the group ride night. A bunch of us, and some gearies like Alden and The Jode met up and hit the trails.

I quickly remembered why I don't like no drop group rides. It's tough, b/c we need rides like that to get people who've never mt biked before into the sport, and feeling good about it. But, while I'm certainly no training machine, I really felt like I couldn't keep stopping like that.

So, Alden and I ended up hammering out the first lap after the 2mile hill climb. Again, like Yankee, I was feeling great in the corners, and even over the rough stuff. I never imagined I'd have so much fun on a rigid single speed. It really is like getting back to your roots, (:shudder: I hate roots... :D) and it's about feeling like a kid again.

While not O-ffical, I turned in a time roughly under 50 minutes lot to lot, which is close to my best from last year on a front suspended geared bike.. Feelin' pretty good about that. This is especially good b/c I ate like crap yesterday during work, and wasn't hydrated. So I know I can do better!

This weekend it's off to Chicago to shoot a wedding, then on the return trip it's Yankee Pre-Ride II.

Get out and ride!



Anonymous Duke said...

Thanks for coming out! Great to the local SS'rs reperesenting.


7/4/06 5:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Soup, is that "under 50 minutes" on a single speed at PLRA? I rode there last week and some of those hills about killed me. Not sure what me time was.

Burglar11 (MMBA member)

17/4/06 2:34 PM  
Blogger soupy said...

Yep. Rigid Single speed at PLRA. I've already bested my best time from last year. I never woulda thought it possible..

17/4/06 5:10 PM  

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