Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Ok, I promised a report on Sunday... Actually, I just have nothing else to report, so I might as well.

I didn't get out to ride on Sunday. I felt like I was committing a sin against nature, the day was so nice. But being cut off from the world as I was (no internet) and seeing as how someone's phone was dead and didn't call me to ride, I decided to stay in and get some much needed housework done.

Hold on tight, this is where it gets exciting.

I finally got around painting my bedroom.. well, I started it anway, still don't have all the colors picked out. Re-arranged some furnature while I was at it. I also did some touch up work needed in the bathroom.. No exaust fan and a steamy shower is tough on the paint.

There you go, painless.. I didn't bore with the gory details, just an update.

Later this week it's supposed to really warm up, and I plan on getting some trail miles in if they're dry... plleeeeeeeasse be dry!!



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