Wednesday, March 29, 2006

"Thank you for choosing Comcast"

That's like saying "thank you for choosing to be analy probed!"

I didn't choose Comcast, they're the only provider in my area that can give me "high speed" internet. That is when it's working.

So I had someone sit at my house for 3 hours yesterday waiting for the comcast guy to show up, and he NEVER DID! Comcast doesn't show any record of an appointment made for yesterday.. Hmmm.. I guess I made it all up.

Anyway, back to riding. It's killing me that people are going riding tonight on the trails. I got up this morning, and it was the perfect kind of day to just get on your bike, and ride allllllll day. I don't know how I'm going to make it through work. I'd join my friends on the trails, except I have a damn dentist appointment tonight, which I would have had done already except the office kept making me push it back and back b/c we've been so busy.

Last night the DVD player broke. Combined with no cable TV, I guess I have no more excuses not to ride, run, or lift every night after work. God works in mysterious ways?



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