Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Back to work.

Well, it was nice while it lasted.

I had a total of 10 days off over the holidays. I got lots of R&R, lots of food, lots of partying, but not much exercise.. :(

But it's a new year. Time to start fresh yet again!! The first step, is to get my XC bike ready to go for training. I can't stand riding the trainer, so I'll need a bike I can ride outside.... this is going to be it..

Over the break I wasn't a total loss.. I did get several very fun urban rides in. I'm getting pretty accustomed to the Loki, and riding on flats. I'm able to get a pretty good hop, drops of a few feet, and I'm working on my manual. I never did make it too Ray's over the break. Grrrrr. And I never did get a good pic of my Loki up. Here it is...

Notice the same red rims in both pics? I'm lookin' to build a new set of wheels. All Black, for the P.U.S.S. As soon as I get the money. So, like, after racing season... :P

Perhaps in a later post I'll detail my New year's resolutions.. Any suggestions?



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