Monday, June 25, 2007

Visitors from outter space... no, not really...

Yay! I had company this weekend. Kim, in town for new job training, and Robert came to ride bikes with me on Sunday! we got in roughly 37 miles biking from my house down the Lakeshore Trail south of the city! It was a great day for a ride. Not too warm, and overcast, though that didn't stop be from getting fried on my face and arms.. damn whitey!

I don't currently have bike computer.. (paula ;) ) so I don't have stats, but it was deffinitely a leisurely pace. I think we gave Kimmy a little workout, but I know that Robert was chompin' at the bit. I was too sorta, but was running a relatively low 36x17 on pavement, so I was pretty much spun out anytime we picked up the pace. Case in point when about 20 bicycle cops came pouring out of their compound and onto the trail and passed us in single file. It was actually Kim who took up the chase to reel them back in. I asked Robert if she has lot's of tickets.. he says "yes!" :D

So we jumped into the Piggy Peloton (please, no flames.. It was just a funny name.. I like cops.. for the most part. Unless they're pulling me over.. for running a YELLOW light!.. fucker.. >:( ) Pics to follow as soon as Kim and Robert get them downloaded.. :D

Anyway, they peeled off to go police the Gold Cup tourny that was in town at Soldier Field, and we continued on our way.

On our return trip, as we paused on the bridge over the canal at Whacker street, Robert got a whole boat load of tourists to wave back at him as they passed below us. It's nice to see that people haven't become so jaded that they can't indulge a bunch of goofy adults in spandex and colorful jerseys waving at them from a bridge!

We topped the day off with some good grub and great Guiness at McNamara's on Irving Park. Good day, great friends.. who could ask for anything more??


Blogger paula said...

Oh yeah, I was going to send your heart rate monitor back to ya but...ummm...I didn't have your address! :)

How about if I give it to you at the relay?

1/7/07 12:55 AM  

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