Friday, November 09, 2007

I should so be going to bed to prepare for the long drive to Traverse City tomorrow for the Iceman Cometh!! But I figure I better finish off my last race report to make room for the tails of drunken debauchery that is Iceman weekend!

When we left our hero he was recovering from his Masters 30+ race, awaiting the start of the Cat 4s several hours later. It was about now that I was beginning to curse my decision to not bring any real food. It would have to be Hammer Gel and Clif bars for lunch to sustain me through another 30 minutes of hell.. I mean super fun racing!!

There's not a whole lot to report from the Cat 4 race. I yet again failed to get myself a spot on the front row.. This is partly due to the fact that the guys insist on lining up with 20 minutes to go. I mean c'mon fellas... I got a good start, and gave a little more in the first part of this race, but soon found myself in no mans land again. The course had dried and traction was awesome. The off camber section was a non issue with the extra traction, AND they had lowered the middle stake, so you could take a pretty straight line all the way through. My nemisis straightaway also was tamed by the line burned into the grass.

I was riding more in the big ring this race as there was nothing to save my legs for, and there was little on the course requiring the small ring. I was still having trouble getting up the hill, but as the race went on I badgered the little girl in me to "dig damnit" and get up that hill faster.

With two laps to go I was passed by a xXx'er.. I'm not sure if I was lapped, or if he just got a second wind. Either way, he helped to pull me up to the racer in front of me. At first I assumed that this fellow had popped and was coming back to me. I kicked it up a little to assure that I would go by with athoritah! However, I made and ass out of u and me. There was life in this gent yet. As soon as he heard me breathing (well, weazing really) down his neck, he responded. We went back and fourth like this for the whole lap. At the beginning of the last lap I knew i would have a chance on the climb. I dug deep, and decide that I would pay whatever price at the top to try and pass him on the climb. I came up a littel short, but by the top I was on his rear wheel. Payback meant giving up a little ground on the ensuing flat, but I kept the pressure on. I recalled that he coasted the second half of the long down hills straight just before the woods, so I kept it in the big ring and gapped back up to him just as we entered the woods. He responded again getting a couple bike lengths. After the woods, just one barrier stood between us and the line. I knew if I could get even with him at the barrier I would have a good chance to make time and possibly out sprint him to the line. It was a downhill approach to the barrier and I'd been taking it increasingly faster each lap. But now I was all out sprinting! As we approached, I second guessed myself and backed off just a bit to make sure I cleaned the barrier. Indeed I was faster on the dismount/mount and got back a length. With just 20 yards to the finish I gave all I had, but just couldn't nip him at the line.. :( I regret not going all out into the barrier. Even a spectacular yard sale would have made a better ending to the story. But I did go for the win. I think even a better gear on the re-mount might have given me the edge I need. So good lessons learned.

This weekend it's Iceman. The weather is looking like it'll be cold, but no snow. Another shot at breaking 2 hours. As this might be my last Iceman for a while, that sure would be neat-o.

See ya on the other side.

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Anonymous Ben said...

Good luck this weekend!

9/11/07 10:01 AM  

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