Sunday, February 26, 2006

I should have my head examined

certifiably insane thought #1: I think I'll go for a bike ride today.
evidence: its 24 degrees fahrenheit outside, i'm still in my pajamas, it's toasty warm in my house.

certifiably insane thought #2: Oh, I know, there's a ride at Highland at noon, it's only 10:30, I can make it!
evidence: I'm STILL in my pajamas, I've got a history with Highland, it's 24 degrees out and snowed last week, do you really think this is wise?

certifiably insane thought #3: Hmmm I think I'll take my brand new single speed.
evidence: untested bike, first trail ride, first time on a fully rigid bike in over 10 years and I'm going to do ride it on a hilly ice rink?!

Ok, so it wasn't really that bad.. but I gotta hand it to myself.. the fact that I stayed after that first 1/2 mile or so of the A loop that was all rutty ice, go me.. after that the going got a little better, but it was still slow riding.. E, T, and I on single speeds, the rest on geared bikes... Climbed pretty well, though the descents were a little tricky when ice was involved, which was most of them. Ran 2:1 ratio until about mile 8. I bent the f*ck out of my surly 34t ring, and broke the chain to boot. Luckily E was there with a quick link, and I just happend to mount a second chainring this morning, a salsa 36t. so I had to ride the last 2 miles or so in 2.1:1... ughh!

but no broken bones or bleeding wounds.. so.. sweet..

me 1 winter 0


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