Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ass kicking.

That is what I received tonight at the hands of "Coach Troy" and a strength building spinerval workout.

I'm certainly not going to win any cycling or fitness awards, but that was one tough workout. I need that. When I am properly fueled for a ride, it's my legs that give out, not my lungs. Need more strength training.

Probably playing with fire not eating before the workout. I think I bonked just as we started the cool down. But I felt good the rest of the time.. I had peaut butter and honey for lunch at about 1:30, and spinning was at 7. I know, I know.. I'm a big dummy. I guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Speaking of dogs, one of these days I'm going to bring my camera when I take Nero for a hike. Playing catch with his flying squirl in the high wind lent itself to many good shots.. maybe next time.. =[

I wish I could harness the energy that dogs are made of. It didn't matter how many times I threw that thing, or how tired he seemed to be after he caught it or while bringing it back to me, he was always ready to go as soon as I picked it up. And he's always ready for a race, though I can usually win after 20 minutes of catch.. ;)

Well, I gotta believe spring is on it's way. Aaaaaannnyy day now.....


Blogger inasnit said...

My dog, Chilli, just LOVES his flying squirrel. We have to hide it because he goes crazy when he sees it.

We have one here and one that we leave at my parent's house in the UP. When we're up north, we like to take the dogs to the beach of lake superior and toss the squirrel in the lake ... They're labs, they love to swim.

I'll have to find some of those pics ... Dogs are just awesome ...

15/3/06 8:01 PM  

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