Wednesday, March 15, 2006

skinny tires

I was back out at Kensigton/Island Lake this morning. Carlos was going to be riding his road bike, so rather than torture myself on the SS, I put the skinny tires on the Trek geared bike. As it turned out, Carlos couldn't shift out of his middle ring, so it might have been more equitable if I had brought the SS'er.. As it was, I stayed in my 42x17, and still had a slight advantage.

It was a great ride. I must admit, I love the sound of the skinny tires on the road. Just a nice quite hum. And the whirrrrr of the chain when you've got a good spin going.. especially when you go through a tunnel. Its the little things like that that remind me why I fell in love with biking in the first place. I think I forgot some of that in my quest to get faster this year. We need a spring POS race!!

Anyway. I had two eggs, one yoke again. Half a banana on the ride, and one scoop of gatorade in the camel bak.. (oh, yeah, gotta clean that thing out before it gets looking like someone's camelbak.. you know who you are.) I felt pretty good. No stomache problems, but I could have felt stronger.

It was a short ride.. Only about 22 miles.. But I pushed it up the hills at Kensington. I'm starting to fall in love with those hills. Besides, I want to let my legs recover a little from last night.

Thank you, god, for at least giving us sun this week!!



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