Saturday, April 15, 2006

I'm back.

Wow.. I almost forgot about this blog thing. It seems like ages since my last post. That's pretty sad.

Took the last couple of days off to let my back get better. Not sure what happened, but it was pretty messed up on Thursday. Feeling much better today.

I had intended to go ride an easy trail and just spin the legs, but ILRA seemed so far away this morning. And there was a ride going on at Maybury to mark the beginning of the season there, so there I went.

It was good to see those folks, and get a social ride in. After one lap with some of the tree famers, I went back out and did a couple more on my own. I've always liked Maybury, but it's a little bit of work. Lots of short, twisty climbs that definitly keep you on your toes.

After the ride the back was feeling much better, and I could feel the couple of days rest catching up with me. So I'm going to make sure to get in at least one more good ride this week, and a few days of spinning to prep for Yankee. Getting psyched!

Off to bed. Happy Easter!


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