Sunday, April 09, 2006

Yankee II

It was a loooooong weekend....

I had a wedding to shoot in Chicago. I drove out to Chi Town on friday night, with the bike aboard. On the way home, stopped at Yankee springs to get in another pre-ride.

Many of those who had said they'd join me apparently blew their minds out at the (now) infamous Fireman Fritz's Fiesta of Fire (and glitter, apparently :D ) Andrea and Linda were the lone souls who would be making the trek from the East.. Unfortunately I was running behind, and didn't meet up with them at 1 when they arrived.. I did see them as the hit the trail, though, so I knew we'd meet eventually.

First lap started great. I was cranking at a good pace and making good turns. Seeing as how I'd spent the night before drinking myself, I hit the old camel bak early and often. Unfortunately, it only took two swigs to find it completely dry!! =S So I decided to dial it back a touch to make sure I didn't kill myself by dehydration. I still rode hard, though, and with the help of the taller gear I decided on, managed to better my best time from last week. And, amazingly, didn't feel too much the worse for wear despite the lack of water. I did run into Linda and Andrea on that ride, so I waited again for them in the parking lot and we chatted before our second laps.

The second was, expectedly, not as fast at the first, but still faster than last week, so I'm feeling pretty good. Upon returning to the lot, I ran into Danielle and Kevin. Danielle wasn't quite feeling done for the day, so she and I went out for another roughly half lap. I had intended to do a third cool down lap, but the half, fast paced lap was sufficient.

Andrea was thoughtfull enough to bring Oberon, so we chatted and snacked for a bit before departing. Paula was there with her Founder's teamates, and she joined in the post ride comraderie as well.

When all is said and done, I believe a good day was had by all. Looking forward to a fun race in two weeks. I have no expectations going into the race, other than to ride hard, and earn my beer! Hope to see some of y'all there!



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