Monday, May 01, 2006

gettin' there..

It's about time I started training for Addison.

Yesterday I got out for a planned 60 mile, 4 hour ride. I came in at 55 miles and 3.5 hours. So close.

I started at the Clinton River Trailhead parking lot off Opdyke road. Took that into Rochester, then north on the Paint Creek Trail.. took that to Lk Orion, and did the 4 courners loop. Back down the PCT into Bloomer for a couple miles, then back out to Pontiac.

I fueled with Water mixed with Hammer Gel and Gatorade. Seemed to work pretty good, but I don't think I brought enough with me. Only one waterbottle, and then a flask of Gel that I couldn't get enough of b/c it's so nasty plain...

I started to really feel the hunger effects toward the end, so I decided not to keep riding just to hit 60 miles. Next week, though, I plan to eat better, and shoot for 70 miles. Fingers crossed.

I'll probably get some more long-ish rides in this week to stay loose.. legs are tapped today. I'll try a short spin out today, just to keep them happy..


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