Friday, July 14, 2006

Me time.....

Wow.. it's been a little bit since I last posted.. I'm indanger of losing the interest of my two readers.. (if Nero counts.. ;) )


1.5 hours and I'm outta here.

This weekend is for me! No racing, no weddings. Just good friends, good beer, good times, good vibrations, good'n'plenty's... well, you get the idea..

The summer 2006 Luv NakedTri weekend is on. Well, it remains to be seen if there's be any gratuitous nudity this weekend, but with a keg of Mill's IPA and som Jager, my money's on skin!!

Unfortunately, there's been no real riding of late to report on. I've been working late, and the weather's been a little crappy.. I REALLY want to get a road bike so I can do more rides out of my house. And the Tour always gets me wanting to get get out and mash on a little bike!!

So, wish me luck. I'm going in. If i'm not back by Tuesday, send in the rescue squad...

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Blogger Alden said...

the jake's still for sale! ;-)

20/7/06 12:39 PM  

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