Sunday, June 25, 2006

Call it a return to my youth.

Ministry came to town this weekend at Harpo's. Who could pass that up?? (judging by the turnout, just about everyone my age could.. )

What was I thinking? No one may ever know. Perhaps I thought I was 19 again. Perhaps I just wanted to see if those 250 lb guys flailing and slamming about would REALLY hurt when they ran into me. Whatever it was, I couldn't resist the urge to mix it up in the mosh pit when Ministry broke out some oldie but goodies like Thieves, So What, and Stigmata.

I don't think I was that tired after the Pontiac Time Trial! I'd forgotten what a pit of seething testosterone will take out of you! I was exhausted!

I'm not sure when this happened.. I didn't even notice it until I got back to the car. At least I have something to remember the show by...

I've got all sorts of bumps and brusies to work out before the marathon this weekend... But it was worth it!

Now, what time am I supposed to up for Stoney marathon training?? =]



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