Monday, September 11, 2006

Stoney XC and NORBA Series Finale

I can't believe the season is almost over.

Nothing left but Iceman for me. But I can use the break.

I wrapped up the "serious" racing season at the Stoney Creek XC race this weekend. Going into the race I was sitting 3rd in series points, needing a top four finish at Stoney to win the Series. This seemed like an attainable task, but leading up to the race, my bike seemed determined to mutiny!! 2 flat tires (none previous this season), 1 broken brake cable housing, 1 broken pedal.. I just kept reminding myself that it's better all this happend BEFORE the race.. ;)

I was not feeling all that hot Sunday morning. I was lethargic, and probably a little dehydrated, but anxious to get the racing over with. We lined up at 1pm. In the field was the current points leader who I would need to finish in front of, and Jeff Weaver, my stiffest competition for the race win.

Robert from Tailwind blew the wistle and we were off. After a brief issue with spandex caught on saddle and mooning the field (oops... ) I got situated, and jumped on Weaver's wheel. We went into the rollercoaster that way, caught behind a slower rider. I began probing on corners and climbs to find possible passing opportunities, letting Jeff stay in front, hoping to tire him a little. When we got out to the two trace (of which there was plenty) we were able to clear the slower traffic. It became apparent that Weaver was a bit faster on the flats.. He took off sprinting, and it was all I could do to keep him in view. I pulled him back in when we hit the hills, and was able to put on a slingshot pass going up the last hill on our way back out toward Mt. Sheldon. I stayed ahead in the second half of the roller coaster, and maybe even opened a little space on him. Coming back out to the flats, though, turned the favor back to Weaver, and he passed me just prior to the sled hill and the start finish area.

I started to feel like I'd given too much on the first lap in the back and fourth with Weaver. I took part of lap 2 to recover. Coming to the second section of the rollercoaster again, I was a littel surprised to see that Weaver had come back to me. It was at this point that I had a decision to make. Fight it out for the win (risking REALLY blowing up) or protect my current position as I was where I needed to be for the series. I decided to try to just use him to pull me to the end. Not my proudest moment, as I would have rather duked it out for a hard fought win, but I was pooped. My legs were starting to feel like cement on the climbs. So, again, I tried to keep him in view and pace myself to the end.

I ended up in second place, and took over the series lead in the final race! I plan on savouring this, as I expect racing Expert next year to not be so kind =( But, on a positive note, I don't expect to be in serious contention for any series, so I'll be able to give it my all each and every race.... (yaaayy... I think.. :? )

So goes my 2006 racing season. Now the long pause until Iceman. I'll still post (there's always stuff to complain about when training in the cold and dark.. ;) ) And will certainly want to recount the Iceman shenanigans for posterity.. So stay tuned!




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Congrats Soupy :)


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