Wednesday, July 19, 2006

You wanna go faster kid???

Lose the break!

Or short of that, bend the handle on a tree to make it harder to grab.. =P

Hit up PLRA tonight. I needed to go out and ride hard. Ride off the stress and problems. Get out a little aggression!

I also used my iPod on the trail for the first time. It was nice. Helped through the tough sections where I sometimes recover a little too long, but it was a little bit of a hassel. I was constantly looking over my shoulder for overtaking riders.. (of course there were none... ;) )

I managed to put down two consecutive, no rest, fast laps, in preparation for the PLRA XC race. I seem to have plateaued again. It was was a combination of fitness gains and technical improvement that got me over the last major hump. I'm not sure what will do it this time. I feel that I'm right at the edge of what I'm capable of in both regards, but then again, I guess you alwasy feel that way just before you go to the next level.

Tonight was a fantastic night to ride. About 78 degress, light breeze, the trail was dry, but had good traction. Almost perfection.

I was letting it go on the downhills and corners.. Practiced braking going into the corners, letting off, railing around and then jumping back on the pedals. What a RUSH! I was picking some pretty good lines, and think I've finally got a coupld down through the bigger rock gardens. That will come in handy for the race in august!!

On my second lap I must have taken a brain vacation, cuz I had my left pedel at 9 o'clock, and WHAM!!! ran my foot into a hugh rock.. I hit with enough force to not only unclip my foot, but my foot almost swung all the way around my bike to the other side like I was dismounting! That alone would have been bad enough, but then, with my leg still in the air, I hit a 3-4 inch diameter tree with my left hand/handlebar.. Luckily the tree gave a little, and I was able to recover without too much trouble.. I'm not quite sure how. Anyway, as I got back underway and came to the rock drop offs, I notcied I had trouble reaching my left brake lever. A quick inspection showed that the lever had been bent by the encounter with the tree.. It was still reachable, so I figured there was no point in stopping to fool with it. But I did find it easer to lay off the brake that lap, as the lever was not where I expected it to be!

Hope you got a chance to enjoy the weather tonight too!! Happy riding!



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