Thursday, July 27, 2006

Water logged.

Damn rain!

It seems mother nature has it in for me. She knows when I can't ride and gives us beautiful weather, and makes sure to bring back the rain just when I'm free! If I had a road bike, I think I'd just ride in the rain anyway, but alas....

I'm fanitsizing about a Surly Cross Check. Sure they're heavy as tanks, but it'll take some abuse, and they're cheap. Of course, I'm broke as a joke right now, so a fantasy it will have to remain.

The upside to the Cross Check would be if I finally started commuting to work like I keep talking about. I've convinced myself it'd only work on a bike that I can go fast on. I won't keep it up if it take a full hour to get to work each morning. If I can get to work and be changed and ready in an hour, though, that might do the trick.

To make commuting work, though, I'll have to start getting up earlier. I've tried this week. I had one success, and one miserable failure. Oh well, press on..

Going to ride a Triple Poto this weekend. Only one week left to get ready for Big M.. I'd like to make a halfway decent showing there. I know it's going to be brutal if I don't have some good rides under my belt this week. It's been a full week off the bike. Ugh.... I'll feel that next weekend... ;)



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