Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Training camp

So, part of the team is off in CA this week for spring training. Some of those of us stuck back in the windy city decided to hold a camp of our own.. Minus the nice weather, elevation change, and tan lines... The goal, ride every day of the week and post our miles. I started strong with about 60 miles posted over the weekend on the single speed. Then Monday I got sick. Just before the best weather of the week is about to roll in. I thought I'd be back on the bike by today, just in time for the predicted 50 degree temps. No luck. In fact, I didn't even go into to work today. I'm taking time to recover now so that I'm good and healthy for Georgia.

Speaking of Georgia, I'm gonna pick up a new camera before the trip to capture the good times. I've been wanting to get a point and shoot digicam for a couple years now. One that's nice and small to fit in a jersey pocket, and takes decent pictures. I'm thinking of getting this.

Look for a new look soon. Inspired by our new kits and a friend's link to this blog from his.

So, here's hoping that spring comes soon. The woods are calling my name.

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