Monday, March 24, 2008

Georga: Travel Day

The day finally came. And with the forecasted weather, it couldn't have come at a better time!!

Scott and I left bright and early at 8 am. The weather was already starting to come in.

About 30 minutes south on 65 and it started to warm up and get sunny. I passed the time on the drive no by watching the miles go by, but by watching the temp climb into the 70’s…

We worked our way through Indianapolis and Louisville, and made a left turn to I-75. Once we were on 75, the choice for our lunch stop became clear…

Scott had NEVER eaten at the Waffle House. It’s unfathomable! So an All Star breakfast later we were back on the road…

There were 2 hours of side road driving on some fantastic twisting road that had Scott just about putting his “brake” foot through the floorboard on the passenger seat. Yet, we arrived safely at about 9:30 and found our accommodations. Pretty sweet compared to other time shares I’ve stayed in. At least all the furniture matches.

There’s no internet in the room, though, so I have to go down to the “community” center for wireless. So I’ll be posting the first few days all at once.


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