Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Georgia: Day 3

After yesterday's pounding on the legs, I was in for a little lighter fare today. I think we all were. Looking at the map, we decided to try a little route that circles Helen, promising only rolling hills, no sustained climbs.

It was another chilly one today, but we were all shocked - frozen at the door wall in fact - trying to comprend the white flakey stuff falling from the sky. That sum'bitch snow followed us all down here! (Then again, it wouldn't exactly take a bloodhound to track Timmy's scent... :0 ) Much grumbling ensued, but we managed to saddle up none the less and head north.

We took a detour into Unicoi State Park just to see what there was to see as falls were promised at the end of the road. The scenery was nice, and the riding somewhat spirited. I don't know what buisness I thought I had teasing these lions, but I don't think they took me very seriously.

At the end of the road there was nice picnic spot with a view of the river, but I didn't see any falls.

Riding out of the park I got to taste the speed of the road again, but one stout climb and I was jetisoned off the back of our little foursome. We turned left out of the park and headed into some beautiful rolling countryside. I made some hard efforts, and eventually latched back on, for about 30 seconds. Again I watched the three pull away. I'd like to think there's something to the fact that I was riding a 'cross bike with 'cross gearing and larger 28c tires that is weighing me down, and not just that I'm a big fat azz who's too out of shape to keep up even on a "slow" day.

Eventually I could see up ahead that Scott had dropped off of Dan and Tim's wheels. I pushed it again, trying to catch up, and even thought I was making progress, only to look up again and find him nowhere in sight! "Damn, he's flyin' today" I thought. That sneaky bastard.

Finally I came to the end of 386, and turned onto 197. There was a sign for a store up ahead, surely the place where they'd be waiting, if they were going to wait. I got to the generaly store/restaurant in Batesville, minus waiting bike riders. This was sort of a "every man for himself" day, so I was not suprised.

So I grabbed a snack and pushed on. This, after all, was a rest day so I was done chasing. I'd noticed on the map a covered bridge, so I decided to do a little sight seeing. If you click the first picture, you can see the snow falling.

I continued on and made the right at 17. Almost home I was surprised to see this historical site on the left that I hadn't noticed before. This is why it's great to get out of your car every now and again, you miss too much behind all that glass and steel. I think that cow was more interested in me that I was in the mound.

When I got back home, sure enough, Scott was there waiting. Turns out he had taken a turn off of 386, making it seem that he had dissappeared in a blaze of smoke and tire rubber. :D

That night, we headed into town for dinner again. After an exploration of Lewis and Clark proportions to find an open restaurant, we managed to find a pretty decent burger joint. Drinking was in order...

More to come soon!!


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