Friday, April 11, 2008

Rain, Rain, go away!!

(I'd be interested to find out how many bike bloggers have used that same title in a post.. I bet its A LOT!)

It's not so much that it's been raining a ton, it's just the knowledge that any rain right now just delays the time that the trails are truly ridable out here.

Fortunately I used that thing.. Ummm.. what is it.. oh yeah, planning ahead. Knowing it would be pissing rain all day yesterday and today and that I will be shooting a wedding all day Saturday, I made sure to make time for a couple hours' ride on Wednesday. Nothing special, just a good spin down the LFT and back. Enough to keep the legs from forgetting what pedaling feels like, and get my heart rate up. I was hoping to get a short ride in tomorrow morning, but we leave for the wedding at 9am.. :(

Sunday will see me and some fellow dirt-inclined xXx'ers at Waterfall Glen. I've never been, but I picture a sort of Michigan Metro Parkesque loop trail of crushed limestone.. Sort of like the Paint Creek Trail only in a loop and with hills. I'm putting the road gear on the PUSS, so I should get some good hill work.

First race of the season will be the "Do The Rock" Mtb race at Rock Cut State Park in Rockford, IL. I wonder if the trail will be rocky?

Race date is April 20th, but from the sounds of current trail conditions, it will more than likely be pushed back to the 27th if they run it at all.. Glad I'm planning on racing the Fort Custer Stampede first weekend in May!! I'm starting to go through withdrawl... :(


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