Thursday, April 17, 2008

Who needs hills...

...When you live in the Windy City!

Today we broke 70 degrees!! I think Spring has sprung.. maybe.

My buddy Tom invited me over for a BBQ this evening, so I had to squeeze a quick ride in after work. Just a quick 20+ miles down to the Pier and back. Does seem like much, but I was able to do about 40 minutes of intervals on the LFT into a pretty stiff head wind. And by intervals I mean sprinting like mad between the masses of walkers, bikers, fruit booters, etc.. that come out of the woodwork when the weather turns warm again. Looks like it's time to start riding up into Evanston again...

So, after the ride I headed over to Tom's for some char-grilled goodness. And I discovered New Belgium's Springboard Ale to boot! A light, but crisp spring ale that I can see going down very easy in the shower after a good ride!!


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