Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The F Word


I found out this weekend that the house that I grew up in, the house that my parents took a bath on when they sold it a couple years ago, is now in forclosure with the new "owners". Procededings began in December, and if I understand correctly the current owners will have to be out by June if they can't make good on the loan.

It's so sad to think of the house that my parents loved and cared for for all those years, and that I grew up in will sit vacant with bank signs in the windows. I could say more but it makes me too sad.

In other news, It looks like Jimmy P from Dell (see my last post and comments for details) is nothing but a robot reply, on the look out for Dell bashing. Hmmmmm, do you suppose there's a lot of that going on in the blogosphere these days? I sent an email that day to as requested, and I have yet to receive any response. So that's about on par with the lousy customer service I have recieved from Dell thus far. Meanwhile, my money is in their bank account, and I'm warehousing a dead monitor. Hey Dell... YOURS IS HERE!!!


Anonymous MOM said...

Hey kiddo the rule is: 'i before e except after c'
love ya, mom

22/5/08 5:27 PM  

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