Thursday, May 22, 2008

WORS #2 Treadfest

This past weekend marked my inaugural WORS race. I played it smart this go 'round and entered the Sport SS class. I would be making 3 laps of the roughly 5 mile course laid out up, down, and arround the Lake Geneva Ski Resort.

I'll just give some quick impressions of the race. I started well, given that 100 yards off the line they had us climbing straight up the ski hill. The first half of the first lap I felt almost asleep. I really didn't feel much, and had a hard time getting into rhythem.

I have NEVER seen so much congestion in a mountain bike race. EVER. The course was well laid out with lots of single track, and plenty of openings for passing, but there were just so many people on the course at one time that there was almost never a moment I wasn't on someone's wheel. Combined with a stiff gear, I had a really hard time on the short steep climbs back in the woods when there was ALWAYS a slow geared rider spinning up, or more often stopped, on the hill.

Finally I was racing a guy named Roger from Alterra Coffee for the whole race. I had planned to make my move in the clearing just before the last descent to the finish line. I didn't have to jump and was about to resign myself to finish in order when I notice he was taking the last corner too hot and might not make the chute. I put the hammer down and we came to the line in a photo finish. I have no way of knowing who was first to the line, but my momentum carried me first through the chute. It felt like a pretty sleazy pass, but I guess that's racin'. It was good for 7th of 26.

After my race I used a 70-200 L glass lens to get some pics of my team mates and friends.

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