Saturday, March 18, 2006

Excuse me while I piss myself

I should be in jail right now.

I've never, EVER, gotten out of a ticket. When the lights go off in my rear view mirror, I'm gonna pay. Tonight, on my way home from a friend's birthday party, where I had more than my share of a few beers, I got pulled over.

Driving through Rochester, with their stupid-ass 25 mph speed limit, I was pulled over for going 41, and not signaling a turn. As soon as the lights went off, I pictured the rest of the night sleeping on a bench in a jail cell.

While I felt I was good enough to drive, you start to re-evaluate when the prospect of a breathalizer becomes a reality. I was fine to drive, but I had at least 6, maybe 7 beers in the last 5 hours, the last less than an hour before driving home. Not the best of situations.

The cop took my license and registration, and went back to his cruiser. While a puddle formed in my seat, he came back and briskly issued me a warning and advised me to be safe. WHAT? That's never happened to me. NEVER! I didn't have to cry or anything.. =]

So, rather than dragging my sorry ass to court tomorrow, I'll be riding my bike from Novi to Wixom and back. It'll be the best bike ride of the year. (see how I tied in riding there?? =] )

Thank god for small miracles!



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