Saturday, March 18, 2006

great ride!

What a great day for a ride. It wasn't perfect by any means. It was quite cold, in fact, but other than that, very nice. The sun was out, a bunch of friends, the pace was good. Another day that reminds me why I like to be on my bike!

Started the day with a pretty little hangover thanks to last night's festivities. Had a good breakfast two eggs and two pieces of toast with honey. Started hydrating right away too with a diluted Gatorade drink.

I felt great throughout the ride. It helped that the pace fluctated between a training pace and a social ride, so there were plenty of chances for recovery. I don't need to go out and kick my ass into every headwind. That is not fun. That will keep me from enjoying riding.

I was able to finish strong with the help of a borrowed Clif Shot Mocha Mocha with caffine. Must get some gels and start taking one prior to every ride, then at about an hour in.

We ended up with about 35 miles at a respectable 13.3 average. Not bad considering the wind and all the stopping.

Finished up with dinner at the Bonfire. Big yummy burger and some rootbeer! What a way to end a ride!

Tomorrow, Tom's ride!



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