Thursday, May 04, 2006


And I don't mean riding hard...

Tuesday May 2nd was my 32nd birthday!! I celebrated with friends up at the Rochester Mill's Beer Co, where I am a member of the Mug Club. As a member, I drink free on my birthday. Free beer isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Before the night was over, I figure I consumed close to a gallon of beer. Roughly 6-7 20oz. mugs of 6.5% IPA.

I was lit!

But I had a great time, and I want to thank all my friends that showed up and helped me celebrate! (Sorry, George, I'll be happy to wash your car any day... =] )

This week has been a great week for riding. Following my 55 mile mini east side epic, I went to PLRA on monday with Andy, and learned lines that I never knew existed. I'm so gonna drop more time now!!

Rainy as it was on Tuesday, I got in a good hard 45 minutes on the road bike at Stoney Creek. I was soaked to the bone, and loved every minute of it. Reminded me of the days when we went out to ride BECAUSE it was raining and not in spite of it.. =]

Yesterday was my PCT 'recovery' ride with my Pop.. we got 25 miles in from rochester to lake orion, plus a little bit of the 4 corners. It was nice to spend time with the old man, and get him out on the bike. Later in the day I met some of the Tree Farmers, et al at the Mayburry wednesday night ride. I had a good time chasing Jon around the trails. He's a worth adversary.. =]. Eventually I had to let him go as my legs were smoked.. I capped the day at the Bonfire. (Thanks for the beer, Monica.. ;) )

Tonight, the Cycletherapy Racing team ride at PLRA. I'm still a little wiped from yesterday, so I'll be playing team photog. Hope to have the pics up soon!!



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