Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ghosts of Addison

I finally got out for a ride on the dirt today! Real dirt! Not just the kind suspended in water!

After all the work I did on the bike, I had to get a shake down ride in to make sure that everything was working. I also had to see how my still sore wrist was going to handle the riding again. I'm pretty sure it's tendinitis brought on by riding the rigid.

Met up with Erin, Andy, Paula, Limey, and Frank at ILRA at 9pm. Erin wanted to get some night laps in as a warm up to Boyne this weekend. Sounded good to me!

So we start out on yellow. It felt GREAT to get back out on the trails. Erin led for a good piece up to the road. When we got there we stopped for a moment. She asked if anyone else wanted to lead. All I cared was that it was someone other than her. Man, if that was her 'taper for Boyne' speed, I feel bad for the other 4 woman teams out there!

Just after the railroad crossing, as I was climbing back up after the short downhill, I dropped my chain. Not incredibly surprising since it's the same beat up chain I rode at Addison. The crazy part was when I looked down I saw something that looked like M.C. Escher would have drawn. I turned the damn thing inside-out!! I couldn't figure out how to get the damn thing straight again. It was like a Jacob's Ladder. Eventually I managed to get it back in line, and off we went again.

Just past the blue-yellow split, as we started our yellow loop, It seemed that my brake levers were suddenly at a different angle. Hmmm, that's odd. Then, they were suddenly pointing straight in front of me, and my riser bar wasn't rising anymore. I was riding a low rider single speed!! No biggie, a few quick turns of the allen and we're off again.. for all of about 20 feet! WTF!!! My front wheel COMPLETELY LOCKED UP!!!! And it ain't the brakes. The hub is frozen solid! Dear God, will I ever leave Addison behind?

So, yet another piece of the bike bites the dust due to the nightmare that was Addison.

So, the ride (or should I say walk) served it's purpose. The bearings are on their way. Hopefully there's no damage to the hub body.

Oh, and the wrist hurts like a bitch!


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