Sunday, May 07, 2006

never say never!

Last season, I was in awe of folks that would ride Poto on a single speed. I thought there was no way I could ever do something like that.

So if you told me that I was going to ride Poto on a rigid single speed, I woulda said you were nuts. If you told me I'd do my first double Poto on a singlespeed, I woulda said you're crazy.

If you said that this year, on my first Poto ride of the season, also my first attempt at single speeding Poto, I'd do three whole laps, Id'a said you're out of your f'in mind.

Never say never.

Paula and I set out Saturday morning with the goal of 2, and maybe 3 laps. We rode at a moderate pace, turning the first lap in 1:42. Certainly not breaking any land speed records. I felt really good after the first lap. I made all the climbs, never dismounting or dabbing. I alternated bottles of hammergel/gatorade mixed with water, and straight water. We rested for about 10 minutes in between, then set out for the second lap. My legs stiffined during the rest, so I bailed near the top of the first climb. From then on out I was able to make all but the three-routed sandy climb, as I tried to change routes at the last second, and washed out the front. We turned lap 2 in 1:45. On a sidenote, I tried Perpetuem for the first time on my second lap... Ugghh... man that stuff is hard to choke down. Think I'll try Sustained Energy next, and take Hammer's recommendation and mix it thick! There wasn't even a moments hesitation about doing the third lap. We both felt great. A little fatigued, and beat up by the rocks and roots on the rigid ss's, but great otherwise. We took this lap a little slower, and stopped to chat with the various hikers we passed going in the opposite direction as they were all amazed to see the same pair pass for a 3rd time! I still made the majority of the climbs, with the only one I recall missing being that same 3-routed sand climb. We turned the last lap in 1:49!

So, while we certainly didn't go out and blow anyone away with our speed (we were never passed, and passed quite a few gearies) I'm still pretty happy with the fact that we made three laps all around 1:45 and both felt great doing it! Bring on Addison!

Today, I decided to stay home and get some work done (uhh, yeah, that's why I'm at the computer.. =S). Things have been piling up due to spending so much time on the bike in the last several weeks, and it's time to be responsible. I told myself at the beginning of this season that when I began to feel that I HAD to ride to train, to the detriment of the rest of my life, that it would be time to stop racing. So today I'm taking for me.

Get out and ride!



Blogger Alden said...

very impressive! you rock! i'll be lucky to finish a double poto this season...

you're gonna do awesome at addison!

7/5/06 11:13 PM  

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