Thursday, May 25, 2006

On the Mend!

Both me and my bike.

I love Cycletherapy, but I still like to all my bike work myself. Unfortunately, I'm running out of time before Boyne, so I dropped my poor, ailing baby off at the shop this morning. Hopefully they'll be able to rebuild the wheel and restore it to a somewhat "new like" condition.. =]

They're also going to install a borrowed suspension fork. (Thanks, Andy!) I figure i'll need it to give my poor wrist a break.

And speaking of my wrist, it's feeling sooooooo much better today.. It still hurts a little, and I'm still sure it's a form of tendinitis that will probably require weeks of rest to fully recover, but it's too the point where I know I can ride this weekend. And if it gets worse during the race, I'll just stop riding, run support and drink my sorrows away!! :D

Looking forward to a fun-as-hell weekend. Hope to see many of you (err.. I mean the three of you that read this thing... ) up there!

And please keep Alden in your thoughts. Hopefully they'll figure out what's going on in there and fix him up good! We'll miss ya, bud..



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