Friday, September 22, 2006

CROM Hates us.

Someone has angered CROM...

He has been pissing on us all week. The one really nice day to ride this week, I was meeting with teammates to discuss 2007. It was a good meeting, though. I think we made progress.

Tonight is the U of D Night ride. I'd been looking forward to this all summer. But alas, Alden came up with some tix to go see Tool!! The U of D ride will be there next year... :P The ride, for those that don't know, is set up as an introduction to the city for incoming University of Detroit Mercy students. It is a police escorted, 30+ mile ride around the city starting at 10pm. The last two years have started right on time at about Midnight, with festivities wrapping up close to 4 am.. We hit some local points of interest, such as City Airport and Lafayette Coney Island. I don't remember much esle, thanks to a 100 oz. CamelBak full of Vanilla Stoli and Vernors (another Detroit original!) Many local Mtber's descend upon the poor, un-suspecting (well, I think they have an idea by now) students and organizers of this event, and basically make total azzes of ourselves. But in a save, respectfull manner (errr... ummmm)

Tomorrow is supposed to be the epic Triple Trial Challange. That is if we're not all scooped up by Noah on his way out to sea. I dunno.. So far, I haven't seen any liquid from the sky, but it sure don't look purty up there.. Right now it sounds like everyone's going to make a gameday decision on whether to ride or not. Damn. I need to get on my bike. I got's some strees to mash into my peddles!! And I keep hearing great things about the Waterloo trail, open only for this event..

Sunday will bring a little beer brewin'.. haven't brewed in a while.. My last beer, an attempt at a Scottish Ale, wasn't all I'd hoped it would be (is that a pun? is it hoped or hopped.. ahhh whatever..) So, if you've ever wanted to learn to brew beer, com'on over.. If you've ever wanted to learn how to brew GOOD beer, go see Sam F'in Adams.. :D




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