Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weatherman don't know Sh!t

Well, I'm not sure what's going on with the weather. That's puts me in the same boat with just about every weatherman in Michigan!

We were supposed to get all sorts of rain and bad weather Friday thru Sunday. Friday night, after catching the Tool show (rock!!) it was pouring down cats and dogs.. We decided that there was no way the TTC was going to happen. So we headed on over to the Mills for a few more. I ended up getting to bed at about 4am. When I woke up at 7:30 and it wasn't raining out, I admit I was a little put off.. :D But I managed to get up, and get my ass out to Poto by 10 am. And boy am I glad I did.. What a great day for a ride. It was mostly overcast all day, and a little humid, but the trails were in fantastic shape, and the company was good. The folks at Tree Fort Bikes and the Potowatami chapter of the MMBA put on a great ride covering 46 miles of the Potowatomi, Waterloo, and Lakeland trails.

Paula and I joined a group including a couple guys from U of M, Don training for Iceman, Bill M (mr. TTC himself), Kim "Happy all the time" Sokol, and Jedidiah (thanks for the pulls!!). We started on the Poto for a few miles until it intersects the Waterloo.. I. LOVE. POTO. So much fun. And it was hooked! The Waterloo was a nice addition. Nothing amazing, but it was nice to blaze some new trail. Ohh.. please.. don't remind me of the Lakeland trail =( Thankfully it wasn't very long. But what it was was several miles of horse trodden rail trail. It was pretty soft, and bumpy from all the horse tracks. Not fun on an all aluminum rigid single speed. Sucky. And Paula was really hatin' life in 2:1. Thankfully, not long after turning off the Lakeland trail we were back to Poto. I let it rip for the last 5 or so miles. Did I mention I. Love. The. Poto! What a great way to finish off the ride.

When we got back to the beach parking, there was chili and beer! My kinda recovery food! And to top it all off?? it was FREE! Of course, they ran out of beer... But then they went out and got MORE!! Again, these guys put on a GREAT RIDE! All they asked was that you purchase a T-shirt or cool pint glass, with proceeds going to the MMBA Poto chapter. So I got a T and a glass. $20 total. A Shirt, Glass, all you can drink beer, and food, and 46 miles of nicely marked trail, all for $20?? THAT has got to be the best deal going!! If you missed it this year, I highly recommend coming out next year!!!

Today I caught the UCI/Tailwind Cyclocross racing at Springfield Oaks. Man, does that look like it hurts!! I can't wait to try it.. :D


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