Monday, October 02, 2006

Full Circle

This weekend brought an interesting completion to my summer mt biking season.

To start the season, I did a few pre-rides out at Yankee Springs in prep for the TT race out there. After our first group ride out there, a few of us made it over to the Bells Brewery for the first keg of Oberon of the season (we were there they day it was released). Then, this past Saturday night, I ventured on over to a Bell's Racing team party, where they were said to have the last keg of Oberon from the warehouse! And to top it off, I followed that up with a ride at Yankee on Sunday!! It's really funny the way those things seem to work themselves out sometimes.

Paula and I were on our way out to Grand Rapids for Kisscross race #2 at Richmond park. Both of us being planning and time management challenged, we didn' t get out there with enough time to comfortably suit up and warm up prior to the race. So we watched from the sidelines, though I did manage to get a couple laps in with teammate Jon Ressler between the B and A races..

If you're the sort of person that enjoys the out doors AT ALL, I hope you got outside this weekend. It was absolutely gorgeous out. It was likely the last time I'll be able to ride in shorts and short sleeved jersey this year.. =(

Well, good week all.




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