Sunday, January 14, 2007

Beat up!

Man. I'm wrecked! Ray's will take it out of you... I managed to keep the rubber side down, for the most part, but just the riding will leave me sore tomorrow. That and the face plant I took in the foam pit...

Bryan, Adam, and I met at Crispy's place this morning around 8am. We pilled in the F-150 and headed south. A short drive and we were pulling into the lot behind Ray's. The guys gave me a tour starting on the Gary Fisher XC course. We moved on to the Sport Course, pretty cool, but rough in my 36/16 gear on the Loki.

Next was the Expert area. This is, of course, where everyone hangs out. Tons of lines for stunt riding, such as a double teeter-tooter, an elevator, and skinnies galore.

Also off the Expert area is the rhythm jump section. Crispy and I had decided to devote a good portion of the day to learning to jump. This was the place to do it. I had a blast. The only jump I was able to clear and land on the tranny was the one comming off the Red Bull wall ride (see below), simply b/c I was able to get enough speed off the wall. I'll do better next time!

We rode until about 7pm. By then either our bikes or bodies or both had quite, so we started for home. 4 Chicken Grilled Stuffed Burritos, a lemonade, a root beer, and one bitchy-ass taco bell drive thru girl later, and we were on the road. Thanks, Crispy, for drivin'!!

Here's some pics from the day:

Ok. I'm going to bed now.

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