Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mike's Winter Riding Challange Series

Announcing Mike's Winter Riding Challange Series!! It will take place on all the same days and all the same locations as Robert Herriman's WRCS, just 10 minutes later.. :D

Due respect to Robert, I would never try to copy his series.. ;) However, I do seem to have a timing issue when it comes to making his rides. I had the same problem last year, but tonight I actually missed the ride all together!

No sweat, I just took off on my own ride. Of course, I had no idea where to go. I mean, I know Royal Oak pretty well, but I don't really know the neighborhoods. I decided to head for a friend's house in Hazel Parke.

Here's the route I took.. I managed to get some miles by zigging and zagging as much as possible.

The temps appeared to be right around 30 degrees. I wore warmer tights than the sunday ride, and it was dry. So I was pretty comfortable. I will, however, be going to the store tomorrow and picking up some chemical toe warmers, and toe covers for the shoes. At the one hour mark my toes went from a little chilled to fall off frozen in a matter of minutes! Not fun.. :(

So, one down (for me).. only 29 left. I hope to make a few more of Robert's rides before they're done!

21 miles 1.5 hours



Blogger Valerie said...

That map thinger is cool. And sorry I wasn't home...I would've made you some hot cocoa!

11/1/07 10:38 AM  

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