Sunday, January 07, 2007

The weatherman lies -or- When will I ever learn?

I may never get warm again!

Today the team (or alot of us anyway) got together for our first group ride of the year. It was also my first 'ride' of the year, and the first 'ride' on the Bianchi. We met at 2pm near the Paint Creek Cider Mill. Plan was to ride to Dryden via Paint Creek and Polly Ann trails. I'm not sure why the late start time, but the snow/rain wasn't to start until evening, so we should be good.

It was a great ride on the way out. We had FFG's and the not so FFG's, and yet we rode as a group for about 17 miles to Leonard. We decided as a group to turn around at this point rather than continuing to Dryden. I was more than happy with this as I was not entirely well stocked nutritionally for the ride (yeah... big surprise :-/ ) More on that in a moment...

Just as we started back it began to drizzle. I wasn't overly concerned, since it wasn't supposed to start raining/snowing till later, I figured it would stop. It just started to geat heavier and heavier as we went. By the time we got off the Poly Ann trail, I had snow accumulating on my arms and gloves. And did I mention that my tights are NOT insulated? :S I was Coooooolld. I mean like thighs burning and stinging cold. Cold water seeping into my shoes, and other places where really cold water has NO business being cold. We emerged from a subdivision onto M-24 to head back down to Lk. Orion. By now the snow was just driving!! Jay and I had popped off the front, riding at a pretty good clip. I had hoped the effort my legs were putting in would keep them warm, but that was counteracted by the freezing wind. We got into Lk Orion ahead of the group, so I stopped in at a CVS for some trial-mix. I was starting to feel a little drained. Even if we hadn't run into the bad weather I would have needed something to get back in good shape. Why is it that I think I can get away without bringing food on a 2 hour ride? I made the excuse that it was going to be a slow place, yada yada yada... They should change my nickname to Bonky. I've got one thick head when it comes to nutrition for biking. Perhaps I'll learn one of these days :(

Jay waited for me at the CVS as the rest of the pack passed us by. We pushed the pace up through downtown and caught the gang as they gathered up at the head of the Paint Creek trail. Back on the trail, I was blessed with a little bit of protection from the wind, so the muscles in my legs were finally able to stay a little warmer with a hard effort. Mark, the roadie in our group riding his cross bike, tried to pop off the front.. I grabbed his wheel and hung on for dear life. He finally pulled away a little bit but then sat up a little. Tim and Sofa Jay came around me and the three of them took off again. I was only about 6 lengths behind and holding, so I gave a good push and gapped back up to them. At that point with sofa Jay in the front, we had pink bookends on two cross bikes.. :) we ran in at about 19 mph that way, trading off pulls until we finally arrived, shivering, at our cars.

I was so cold, and with no warm clothes to change into, I didn't stay around to chat. I jumped in the car, mud and all, and cranked the seat heat up to broil!

It was a good couple hours before I completely got rid of the shivers. Hopefully I learned a couple lessons today. 1) Come prepared with clothes for all possibilities, and 2) there is no such thing as a slow, easy ride when it comes to food. ALWAYS bring something to get calories during a ride!!!

Well, hope y'all had a good weekend!! Snow's a comin'!! :D

Ride stats:
36 Miles 2.5 hours



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