Monday, January 29, 2007


I am determined to make the ride on time tonight. I'm only 2 for 4 so far. I must get over .500! It's so much more fun and relaxing to ride in the group.

So I've got all my stuff more or less ready to go at home. Clothes are washed and set aside. I've got Hammer Gel and Gatorade ready to go. And most of my bike stuff is collected in one spot.

Cross your fingers for me.

Oh, and I picked up one of these too! Should make for a much dryer ride for my tookis and, by extension, a much happier me!

Not much exciting transpired this weekend. Another full weekend of snowboarding at the Knob. Managed to get a few lessons in. I can see where this could possibly become a lucrative venture if I were to actually get some folks to come back for more lessons. Right now, 2 lessons per 6 hour day ain't cuttin' it. But hey, free snowboarding!

That's all for now. As you were..


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