Monday, January 22, 2007


My Boy Scout master would be very disappointed...

I've come to realize that a big part of my nutrition/eating problems on the bike come down to simple preparation. Having the food and gel and powder on hand at ride time is a big problem for me. I'm usually under the gun to get to a ride, and don't have time to pick up supplies from the store or make more elaborate forms of trail food.

So, an addendum to my new year's resolution is to not only get smarter about what to eat, but also to make sure I've always got what I need on hand.

Tonights WRCS ride was pretty easy. 20 miles in 1.5 hrs. I still felt a little bonky at the hour mark. I had only a bottle of gatorade on the ride. I'd had a PB & J about an hour before the ride, but that's not nearly enough in these temps. Doh.. when will I learn?!?

Well, no real harm done. But I can't pull this stuff later in the season when I start going longer and harder.

So, I'm up 83 miles on my mileage from last year. Unfortunately my tracking stops in July, so I can only estimate my total miles last year, but I guess it at about 3000. A long way from 14,000!



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