Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Ok. So I forgot about the slush.

It's been such a nice, dry winter, that I've gotten away with bare wheels the last couple weeks. But not tonight.. :(

And, yeeaahhhh... I missed the ride. Again. Between stopping to get some Hammer Gel (see Preparation) and the brief snowstorm that hit right at 6, there was just no way I could make it to the meeting place in time. I decided to stop a few streets away and get on the bike in the hopes that I'd come across the group as they wound their way out of the neighborhood. Fortunately for me, Bill from American Cycle and Fitness also missed the group, and was himself winding his way around the neighborhood looking for them. We did our own little ride around Troy and B'ham for about an hour. We hit a bit of slush along the way, and soon I had the only thing in the world that's worse than swamp ass... that's right, I had ass-bite. Freezing cold slush was sprayed onto my derriere until I'm sure both cheeks were as blue as that crazy cartoon dog. Bill eventually split off to head for home. By now, my booty was so numb I figured I might as well press on. So I headed back down to Hazel Park and back ala my first missed week. I ended up wrapping it up at about 2hrs 10min. and 30 miles.

So I'm off to get some fenders this weekend. And toe warmers. And more Hammer products. And....



Blogger cerebral scribbles said...

Oh noooo. i hope your rump roast thaws out!

26/1/07 2:20 PM  
Blogger Mike Campbell said...

Bah... it was nothing a hot shower and a bottle of Bass couldn't cure... :D (yes.. at the same time.. ;) )

26/1/07 2:26 PM  

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