Friday, March 09, 2007

It's you or me, turkey, and it feels like Thanksgiving

Earlier this week I felt a "sick" day coming on, so I decided to go all legit and take Friday off. I'm headed to Chicago this weekend, so it seemed like it would be a good idea anyway to have an extra day to get stuff done.

Holy Moly did I pick the right day to take off. The high temp today was 46 degrees and mostly sunny. And with the threat of rain in the morning tomorrow, today might be the only day I can get a ride in.

I started with a quick stop at the shop for supplies. Man, that place is like a black hole. I just get sucked in there. Even if I'm not spending money, it's just a giant time suck standing around talking bikes and... well, bikes.. So with great effort I tore myself away, and got underway.

The route was the same as last weekend. Only this time I rode the whole thing. Including the metro park path, and mileage from the shop, the total on the day was 42 miles. Time was around 2:50. It's not a particularly hilly route (see elevation profile at the link above) but I managed to keep up a pace close to 16mph, so the legs got a good workout. I also did some one-leg drills on the moderate rises in the park. There's nothing like one-leg drills to really get you to focus on a good spin. My problem is with my seat set high for road riding, it gets a might bit uncomfy if you know what I'm sayin'....

While back in the woods on the Indian Springs Metropark path, I happened upon a couple turkeys just hangin' out playin' in the mud or something. I wasn't too concerned until I got closer.. man, these things were HUGE. One good freakout and they could take me down no problem. So I kinda slowed down and thought about what type of menacing noise I ought to make to get them to take off. Just then they hopped
on off the trail on their own. That's right! They saw what was comin' if they tried to get a piece of THIS.

I had hopped to vary the route a bit for the return trip, but I hadn't really studied the map too well, so I stuck to the same route home. I was trying not to get the heart rate up too high, stay aerobic and burn fat no sugar, but at the same time I wanted to keep the pace swift. It helps that it is mostly downhill on the way home.

So I was quickly back home, enjoying a juicy 1/3 pound of cow and some awesome garlic mashed potatoes. Mmmmmmmmm recovery.. :D Hopefully the rain wraps up early and I'll be able to get out early tomorrow before the long 5 hour drive to Chicago to celebrate the opening of Thomas' new studio!!



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