Thursday, March 01, 2007

Burrrrrrrrito run!

Man, it's about time I had some biking to blog about.

I finally got my sorry butt back out on the bike last night with the WRCS ride # 47 of 48. Robert had dubbed this the Burrito Ride, so our penultimate destination was Qdoba restaurant for some big fat burrito goodness.

Starting north of Royal Oak as is the Wednesday night norm, there was much speculation as to which Qdoba we would patronize that evening. Nancy played a little Mexican roulette and parked her car at the Royal Oak location and rode her bike to the start from there thinking that would put her at her car after eats rather than having to get back on the bike after the Qdoba cool off.

Nancy lost.

Leaving the senior center parking lot promptly at 6:50pm, Robert announced that our mealtime milieu would be either the Troy or B'ham locations. Doh!

There couldn't have been a better night for the Burrito Ride. I got in the car to leave for the ride feeling pretty crappy. Low blood sugar I'm sure. I had eaten well yesterday, just not enough. But let me take this opportunity again to say how much I LOVE Espresso Hammer Gel. A couple shots of this stuff before the ride, and I felt like I could've ridden forever. The one thing it couldn't do, however, was make my tummy feel full. Enter the Chicken Burrito.. :D I've never devoured a burrito so quickly. I was like a ravenous coyote.. but I digress...

The pace was a little more brisk than the previous rides I'd joined. It felt great. I guess the idea was to earn our calories, and to get a couple extra miles in before the stop. We hit all the regular spots, Berkly, Royal Oak, B'ham (where we ate, btw..) and I think even farther west. I don't really pay too close attention to where we are. That's the best part of these rides for me. I just turn my brain off (I know, not a big stretch from the rest of my day) and follow the wheel in front of me. This is why i think I would enjoy road riding (just to break up the mountain biking, of course.) Alas, only enough dough for one working bike (read: one wheelset) at a time right now, and I don't think my fat 2.35s would fit between a road frame's stays.

And the weather! What a perfect night for a ride. Sure, it will get more perfecter as it gets warmer, but after several rides with wind chills below 0 deg. Fahrenheit (I can't believe I spelled that right on the first try!!) it was nice to ride above the freezing mark. I left the jacket in the car, and was actually able to take my time getting ready outside my car. My toes stayed toasty all night, and I even started to feel a little flushed during the heart of the ride. Warming up after our stop was not an issue at all. For someone who used to be truly (again, spelled right the first time) challenged at dressing for the weather regardless of what I was doing, I'm really starting to get this winter riding gear thing down!

Last night I learned that the Monday night ride from American Cycle & Fitness in Royal Oak on Woodward goes on year round. Looks like I might have found myself a new weekly ride.

So that brings mile total mileage in February to a whopping 50 miles! That's a hair under my mileage for last february, but on the whole I'm still up 130 miles. March last year I did 240 miles. I'll make my goal for this year 300 miles. Look out, March, here I come!



Blogger Robert said...

Nice report Mike..

It was a special night for sure..

2/3/07 12:25 AM  

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