Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The lost city of... Detroit . Eh?

This is pretty funny... Funny cuz it's true!

Detroit really is a sort of geographical, social, and political oddity.

The politics are a mess. City council member's seem to care more about their 15 minutes of fame than they do the City.

I'm sure Detroit isn't the only city to have experienced white flight, but ours seems to have left much longer lasting and damaging scars. Getting folks to come back down to the City after hours has been a fight. The "scene" in the D is almost completely underground. There's little in the City to bring shoppers and there money. No big retail stores like Borders or Best Buy at street level to encourage foot traffic around the city. Most of the clubs are in 'seedier' areas, or off the beatin' path (this of course adds to the cool factor, but does nothing for the more mainstream nightlife..) The new Lofts going in are a good start. Those young folks will want places to shop and hang out closer to home. Hopefully some of those amenities will follow!

Geographically, no one knows where to put Detroit. It's kind of an industrial wasteland. No longer the sole hub of the Auto Industry, it's a city without an Identity (thank god we lost Murder Capital)..

Growing up in the City, I've got a lot of affection for Detroit. I hope some day it returns to glory as one of this countries metropolitan cultural centers. But Lord knows it has got a long way to go.



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