Sunday, March 04, 2007

Punxsutawny Phil, that Rat Bastard!

Tge begubbubg if nt reak traububg kast seasib was ( <-- ok, this is what happens when you try to blog while watching TV.... )

Last season my training began in earnest when I joined the Tree Farmers on their weekend rides from Walled Lake to Kensington/ILRA. I've got many more miles on my legs this year, but I figured it was time to return to my roots. So I met Paula and Erin, the Gorgous Ladies Of Biking (or G.L.O.B.'s) at the CVS parking lot this morning at 8:30am EST (Erin'S Time) ;)

It was BUTT COLD at the start. Really, it was only about 25 degrees F but after a few rides in the 30's I must be spoiled! I don't know about you, but I don't see any early spring coming, unless you're getting the hell out of dodge. There's barely more than 1 day predicted to break into the 40's in the next 10 days. Punxsutawney Phil might find it easier to see his own damn shadow if he were to put down the crack pipe once in a while.

You can find the route here. We got underway at an easy pace. Just needed to warm ourselves up. And the G.L.O.B.'s had done a similar, nearly 4 hour ride yesterday, so I'm sure they had a couple kinks to work out. I was feeling pretty good, but I only did a pretty flat 1:45 ride yesterday. The first big climb came on Buno Rd. I love that climb. I think my legs were much stronger after this climb than last year, though I'm still not recovering they way I'd like, but I guess intervals will take care of that. The roads were a mess, pothole-wise, which made it impossible to enjoy the ride down.. :(

Kensington and ILRA went by without excitement. We all guessed the # of cars in the ILRA parking lot and the winner was..... someone else, cuz we all LOST! (I was the big loser at 2 cars) I guess I need to have more faith in my biking brothers!

At the end of the ILRA road we stopped for a quick snack and discussed the relative merits of Sport Beans vs. Cliff Blocs, and their vast superiority to Bonking! It's no secret that I have a biking and eating problem...

The ride back was a spectacular. We had the wind to our backs most of the way, and we rode my second favorite hill on this ride, up mount Trashmore. According to this is highest point in the ride. It's a long, sometimes grueling ride to the top, and a short but excitingly quick ride down the other side.

We were soon off the bike path and back onto the dirt (potholes) of South Hill rd. There is no truer representation of Hell on Earth than a muddy, potholed, dirt road in the middle of the winter. There is no rhythm (save for that bouncing in the saddle), no speed, and no joy...

The remainder of the ride home was delayed only when Erin got off her bike to kiss the pavement when we got back to W Maple Rd.

Back at the CVS parking lot we bid adieu to Erin who was off to get her Grandma drunk (at least I THINK that's what she said), and Paula and I capped the ride with a big fat sub!

So, come on Tree Farmers... It's that time again.. :D

PS. When I started this post Nero was at the right foot of the sofa. By the end of the post he was at the left foot, and I'm pretty sure it was his farts that propelled him there.



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